Sonakshi takes the bold route!

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Mumbai, Nov. 28 -- So far, in her Bollywood career, Sonakshi Sinha has played it safe. She's stayed away from wearing skimpy clothes and pretty much not been the subject of controversies. But now, the actor will be seen in an cheeky scene with Gulshan Grover in their upcoming film, Bullett Raja.    

A source says, "Sonakshi's role in the film is bold, but in intent rather than action. The character is written in a manner that projects her daring nature. Writer director Tigmanshu Dhulia too has shown the character in a novel way. While heroines usually run away from the villain in Hindi films, in Sonakshi's introduction scene in the film, she will be waiting eagerly for a romantic liaison with Gulshan Grover, who plays the bad guy." Sonakshi plays the role of a struggling actress who meets Gulshan to gain favours and advance her career.

Gulshan, who was last seen in the film Sooper Se Ooper, says, "In my opinion, it is the boldest scene written for the introduction of a Bollywood film heroine." However, the actor changes his stance to a diplomatic one perhaps due to his friendship with Sonakshi's father, actor Shatrughan Sinha, adding, "As opposed to calling it bold, I would like to call it progressive or the coming-of-age of the typical Bollywood heroine."