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Sonakshi to the rescue!

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Mumbai, March 31 -- Actors travel a lot due to their shooting schedules, and sometimes, a particular place and its residents tend to leave a mark on them. Sonakshi Sinha had such an experience while shooting in north India recently.

She was taken aback when she saw the bleak living conditions of widows in Mathura and Vrindavan.    "Sonakshi got very worked up on seeing the widows' miserable living conditions. They have formed a mandali (group), and they sing bhajans to earn their daily bread. While some of these widows are very young, a few are so old that they cannot even walk," says a source close to the actor, adding, "In fact, this is the condition of widows in a lot of places around India. Sonakshi feels that people need to help these women, as they deserve a better life."    

The actor, along with her unit members, put together a sum that was then donated to the women. Ask her about the incident and she says, "I'd love to do a lot more for these ladies. I spoke to them, since they let me rest in their homes between shots. They said they were so content with their life of prayer and devotion that they didn't need much else. The donations will help them fulfil their basic daily needs. I will definitely make it a point to send them some money every month."