Sonakshi: It is important to say no..

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 Actor Sonakshi Sinha feels that actors are under a lot of pressure to sign a film, but they should not give in if the script doesn’t please them.

“It is very important (for actors) to learn to say no to a script that’s offered to them. No one can dictate them or force them into saying yes to a film,” she says.

Earlier this month, actor Priyanka Chopra was called arrogant, after she said she turned down a film because she didn’t want to work with the lead actor.

Sonakshi calls it unfortunate and says, “Everybody has a right to choose what they want to do. It’s their prerogative. It could be the world’s biggest reason or could be the smallest — if one person doesn’t feel like working on a particular project, it’s their call. You can’t call someone arrogant because they said no to it.”

After being in the industry for over six years, the 29-year-old actor, too, has learned to reject. “I have learnt that it’s important to say no sometimes. It’s all been a learning experience,” she says, adding that she has no regrets.

“Yes, there have been films....where you felt as if they weren’t the right films to do. But they all are part of a learning curve. If you have taken up a job, good or bad, you have to do it. I make it a point to work hard and do my best. Once it’s done, it’s in the past and then you have to let it go,” she concludes.