Sonakshi doesn't support Deepika's My Choice video!

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By Tulsi, News Network

Homi Adjania’s Deepika Padukone starring video has gone viral, shared and supported, and even sparked controversies. It’s received mixed reviews from the audience as well as the media and government. Most of Bollywood has decided to support to video with all its might. Except Sonakshi Sinha.

Jr. Gunshot feels differently about the video. She is all for women empowerment, and she has shown strength, boldness, and standing up like no other Bollywood actress has till now, that too in such a short amount of time. But her definition of women empowerment is completely different.

Hear what she says:

“Women empowerment is not always about the kind of clothes you wear, not about who you want to have sex with or stuff like that. It’s about employment, strength,” Sonakshi said here on Tuesday on being asked about her opinion on the video.

“It’s a very good initiative. It’s coming from a good space, but honestly I believe empowerment should be given to the women who actually need it, who are kind of far away from where we are right now. We have been bred and brought up with luxury.”

She feels it needs to “reach out to people who actually need it, like the deep ends of this country”.

And she’s damn right! There is more to women empowerment than sex, size and clothes. By having the video all about these things, it’s once again categorizing women.

What do you think about Sona’s rocking opinion?