Sonakshi: Anurag Kashyap should put on actor's mask more

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Sonakshi Sinha has appreciated her antagonist from upcoming flick Akira, Anurag Kashyap’s acting skills and asked him to take up acting more often.
“Anurag did it really well as an actor, as a villain in the movie. He is very menacing. I rather asked him to act some more because he was very good in the film,” she told media during the launch of her debut playback song,Raj Raj, for her upcoming flick Akira.
While talking about her love for music, the 29-year-old actress spoke about her plan to have a full fledged singing career in future. “I definitely want to do it (take up music) at some point of time in life. But I won’t be able to tell you when that will happen. But I will make it happen,” she said.
The Dabangg actor kickstarted her singing career last year with an independent single Aaj Mood Ishqholic Hai.