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Sona has improved as an actor: Akki

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New Delhi, June 6 -- They worked together in two films in 2012, and actors Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha are back together on screen with Holiday: A Soldier Is Never Off Duty, that releases today.    

Asked if working with Sonakshi has been a different experience this time, Akshay says, "(Yes) it has been ... (long pause) ... there has been a lot of improvement in my beloved heroine, Sonakshi. She was good in Lootera (2013); I keep calling it Lootere, which annoys her. She has done some mature acting ... and after 8-9 films, to take on such a role is daring. Even I wouldn't dare do such a role."    

Akshay plays an Indian Army officer in this action thriller. Speaking about the AR Murgadoss film, Sona says, "It's a serious film. It's based on sleeper cells ... it was fantastic to work in it. When I saw the film as a whole, it was gripping and I wanted to be part of it.