I have never succumbed to any pressure: Sonakshi Sinha

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She has spent six years in the film industry, and at times, Sonakshi Sinha has worked around the clock to finish her shooting schedules.

But, the young actor, who calls herself “a workaholic”, has now decided to take things easy. “Last year was supposed to be a laidback one for me. I had resolved to take it easy in terms of work, and take more time out for myself. But, it probably was one of my busiest years,” says Sonakshi.

She adds that she had to juggle her film and TV commitments. “I was shooting for my next. Then, we started work on the sequel to Force (2011). On TV, I was part of Indian Idol Junior. I had to travel a lot last year, since I was doing several performances and shows. We went to Houston (USA), San Francisco (USA) and Dubai (UAE), among other places. But, it was a really good and eventful year for me,” says Sonakshi.

The actor also got some time off to rejuvenate. “I got time to do things for myself. For instance, I started learning to play the drums. I also took a break, and went to Australia on a holiday,” she says. While the actor has worked in several hit films, Sonakshi is known to be approachable in real life.

Talking about it, the actor says, “Honestly, in this profession a lot is made up. Most of it is a farce about pleasing people... I just feel it’s easier to be yourself than to add to what is already there. People can do what they want. I have never succumbed to any pressure. I never try to fit in.”

Apart from her temperament, Sonakshi also credits her upbringing for the kind of person she is. The actor says that despite being a star kid — she is veteran actor Shatrughan Sinha’s daughter — she was never given any special treatment.

“My parents kept me away from the industry. I’ve always been detached, to the extent that in college, people didn’t know I was Shatrughan Sinha’s daughter. They would only decipher that when they asked me what myparents did. Also, in school, though people knew that I came from a film background, my parents made it clear that I should not be given any special treatment. That’s the kind of environment in which I grew up,” she says.

Apart from being a celebrated name in Bollywood, Sonakshi has also gained popularity on the small screen. And, the actor says she is glad she ventured into TV, and chose to judge a talent-based reality show. “It was a great experience. I started off with a show that was very well-received. People loved it, and the kids (participants) were fantastic… it was a talent-based show, so it was not frivolous. You actually got to learn something while you were on it. I got so inspired by those kids that I came up with my single, ‘Aaj mood isqholic hai’. It was something that was always on my mind,” says Sonakshi.

The actor adds that like films, television, too, is a big business today. “The small screen is not small anymore. It probably reaches more people than films. So, I’m really glad that I was one of the first actors to dive into it,” she says.