Storyteller Sobhita is in search of good content!

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NEW DELHI, Aug. 14 -- Sobhita Dhulipala is all for good stories. Standing at the doorstep of an acting career a few years ago, she was keen on indie cinema, as the stories were better. 

But her quest led her to mainstream Bollywood. Sobhita is happy, nonetheless, since she feels that this space, too, is giving her the room to tell stories.

"When I started working in Mumbai, I was interested in working in the indie and niche spaces, as they do make really good cinema, driven by good stories. But then, I decided to explore everything possible," says the former beauty queen.

"Good content is being created everywhere and I have to make myself able to do those kind of projects. I see myself as a storyteller and want to do films that are being made all over the world," says Sobhita.

"Interesting stories appeal to me, much like it appeals to the audience. Or else I might as well become a banker and make more money," adds the actor, who starred in Raman Raghav 2.0 (2016), Chef (2017) and Kaalakaandi (2017).

She has also done films in south India, and recalls that it was a "wonderful experience" to make Moothon (where the characters speak in Malayalam and Hindi). Sobhita plays a sex worker in it, and says, "I loved the script. I was rather shaken.

[The filmmaker] was clear that we wouldn't glorify prostitutes, but show what happens."