Sidharth's mother taken aback!

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Mumbai, March 1 -- Sidharth Malhotra has been a favourite among fans - especially girls - since his debut film Student Of The Year (2012) released.

Recently, the actor was left stunned when a female TV reporter walked into his residence in Delhi without any intimation. "She walked in and told my mom that she wanted to interview her. My mom was taken aback as she was clueless about what was going on," says Sidharth.    

He admits that he has been getting "a lot of female attention". He adds, "And it's very flattering. I've had girls coming up (to my houses in Delhi and Mumbai). In fact, there's someone who keeps coming to my Delhi house, and my family doesn't know how to handle her."    

But Sidharth admits that such attention can also get "scary" at times. He reveals, "I had a bunch of girls coming to my home in Mumbai and my maid opened the door. But I stayed in my room and was looking through the peephole because I didn't know them. It feels good (to be admired), but with all the cases and laws now coming up, you also feel scared of it (female attention)," says Sidharth.