Sidharth Malhotra feels TV writers are not empowered

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New Delhi, Nov. 22 -- Director Sidharth Malhotra feels Indian TV shows are not as popular as some TV shows in the West because the writers in our industry are not "empowered" enough. 
"I think there is enough talent. In fact, it's there in abundance. But do they get the due credit? No. That's the problem I think. The writers in India, who write for TV, are not empowered enough," says Sidharth, who has directed the popular TV show, Haasil. 
"Writers in India don't get much credit, and they don't get famous. Writers hardly get talked about... what they are doing, and they live in anonymity. That needs to change," he adds. 
Malhotra also feels that younger audiences prefer to watch Western TV shows. "I feel somewhere there is that slight bias, and youngsters will choose to watch a Game Of Thrones or This Is Us, than an Indian TV show. But then, there are a variety of reasons why that happens," he says. 
"We shouldn't be ashamed of that. It's not as if no one has tried to make good TV shows. But there are challenges in reaching that level. For instance, there's a huge difference in the budget that makers receive in the West as compared to the budget that we get. If makers here also get the same budget, then I am sure the quality will also be great," Malhotra adds.