Sidharth has made peace with the way film industry functions

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New Delhi, Nov. 8 -- Actor Sidharth Malhotra has made peace with the way the film industry functions, especially with rumours and gossip surrounding actors' lives.

But the 31-year-old says his parents are yet to get familiar with his fame. "My parents are used to seeing me in the papers, but my mother still gets excited on special occasions. My dad, too, will comment on whatever it is, be it a trailer, a story or a song. But when it comes to link-ups, they've let that be," says Sid, who often makes headlines for his romance with rumoured girlfriend, actor Alia Bhatt.

"My parents have never been that intrusive so in that aspect, I am lucky. Also, they know that they have no control over me since I live away. So now, my mother knows that 'beta haath se nikal gaya hai'. They'd rather be friends than being parents. I don't know if they're okay with it but then when I say that we are co-stars and we are working together, they do understand. They're also maturing as I am," he adds.

The Delhi boy, who has been living in rented accommodations since he moved to Mumbai in 2007, says he's ready to buy his own house. Sid has finalised a property. "The negotiations are on, but it's very difficult to close the deal and get all the paperwork done. I have stayed everywhere from Malad to Bandra (in Mumbai). I'm looking (for a house) in and around Bandra," he says.