Siddharth Malhotra: Call barred for a day!

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Mumbai, Nov. 21 -- Not having a fully functional smartphone can feel like a handicap. Just ask Sidharth Malhotra about it. The actor forgot to pay his phone bill for the month of October and, as a result, his outgoing calls were barred for a day.

A source says, "Since he hails from Delhi, and lives alone in Mumbai, Sidharth looks into the payment of phone bills and other utilities himself. He doesn't have an assistant to run his errands, and finds it convenient to take time out at night - usually post pack-up - to finish these chores."

However, a busy shooting schedule for his upcoming film kept the actor busy, and he missed out on his bill payment. "Due to the delay, the service provider barred his outgoing calls," says the source.

It was quite embarrassing for the actor, as he had no way of returning calls all day. "He was unable to call anyone, and had to request people to call him back or borrow someone's phone on the sets to make calls," adds the source.

When contacted, Sidharth says, "I pay my bills online since it's convenient. But recently, because of a hectic shooting schedule, I got delayed and my outgoing calls were barred. I could not return calls for a day."