Siddharth isn't game for cheating!

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New Delhi, Jan. 10 -- Although actor Sidharth Malhotra enjoyed his recent holiday, he made sure that he did not cheat on his diet.

The 29-year-old is sporting a very different look in his upcoming film with Karan Malhotra, and is following a specialised diet for the same.

"Sidharth has undergone a complete change in look and has been on a specific diet where he needs to eat every three hours.

"He has a stringent six meal plan which is high on protein. He has to eat measured portions of meals which include meat, eggs, soyabean, vegetables and paneer. In fact, most of his food is boiled or made with minimum oil and herbs. Sidharth also had an extensive workout regime which he had to follow all along," says a source close to the actor.