Siddharth gains weight, loses it for his films!

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He’s currently enjoying the success of his latest film, but that isn’t keeping Sidharth Malhotra from prepping for his upcoming projects. His list includes a remake of the Hollywood film Warrior (2011) and another movie that will be helmed by Vikramaditya Motwane.

And over the next few months, the actor will go through different physical training to, first, increase his weight for the remake, and, then bring it down for Vikramaditya’s film.

"Yes, there will be various weight training programs for both the films. It will be an interesting year. They are both very distinctly different projects, and they will be good follow-ups [to my latest release],” says Sidharth.

In fact, the actor has already started “training for the Warrior remake”. He says, “I need to gain weight for it and become the biggest person that I can be (smiles). So, my agenda for the next six weeks is to eat a lot of food, drink and sleep. I am trying to gain loads of weight. Plus, I have to train in Mixed Martial Arts and Muay Thai, and put on muscle to acquire the look. It’s really exciting.”

So, will it be a challenge to work with a senior star like Akshay Kumar (who might star in the remake)? “I don’t know officially [about Akshay being part of the film]. But yes, there is a senior actor. We will be playing brothers. If Akshay is cast, it will be interesting to share screen space with someone like him. That will be a unique combination,” says Sidharth.

Finally, is it true that he is playing a superhero in Vikramaditya’s next? “We are trying to create a different identity [for the protagonist]. Like Batman, my character doesn’t have any superhuman powers. But he is a ‘super’ hero,” says the actor.