Alia's dinner date with Sidharth and his brother!

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By Tulsi, News Network

Alia and Sid have been pretty quiet lately, regarding their dating scenes and being spotted together scenarios.

Too bad, because we totally love these two young lovebirds. Oh come on, we’re still going to call you that!

Anyway, the lovebirds are out again, and they were spotted having dinner together, along with Sid’s brother!

That’s right, and that’s quite a new development! They have been trying to hide a lot lately, and even that night, they posed for the shutterbugs separately! How disappointing!

But there’s more! Apparently, Sid went to visit Alia at her place, like he does so many times! One again, sadly, Alia’s security guard didn’t allow any photographs to be taken.

Anyhoo. We see some serious family-bonding happening! Now that’s getting interesting!