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I follow my instincts: Shruti Haasan

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Mumbai, May 6 -- Shruti Haasan is elated that her latest release has had the highest opening-day figures this year. With six more films lined up for the year, the actor has her hands full, and is more than happy to be busy.

You've had a great start to the year.

The audience has enjoyed the film, and I'm happy to have started my year with 2015's biggest opener. Going ahead, I have six Hindi, Tamil and Telugu movies coming up, so I'm happy to be busy.

Have your film choices changed over the years?

I've always been one to fall in love with scripts. I follow my instincts when it comes to making choices. Of course, now, with time and experience across film industries, I try to balance the genres of movies that I do.

How important are a film's box-office collections in your scheme of things?

I am not into numbers, but yes, when a film does well, it feels great, and helps you move to your next project confidently. I hope all my films do well, and get their due.

You do movies in Hindi, Tamil as well as Telugu film industries. Have you ever had to compromise on one to work on the other?

Not really, which is why balancing three industries is a lot of work. This year, I'm working on six more films. I'm glad I get to do such varied roles in films across multiple languages. Each of them teaches you a different nuance of the craft, and the process of learning and unlearning is a daily one.

You recently sang in R Balki's film. How do you make time for music?

Unfortunately, it has, sort of, taken a back seat owing to my mad schedule. I hope to give it more time now.