Shreyas Talpade: I'm still getting used to this tag of a director

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Actor Shreyas Talpade has impressed audience with his choice of off-beat films, but he never thought that he would, one day, be talking to people in the capacity of a director.
“I am still getting used to this tag of a director and get amused when people ask me questions about being the director of a film,” says Shreyas, who made his directorial debut with Poster Boys, that released earlier this month.
Starring brothers Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol, the film talks about vasectomy — a taboo subject in the society —with a tinge of humour. Shreyas, who had earlier starred in Marathi film Poshter Boyz (2014), shares that it was Sunny, who gave him the push to direct the Hindi remake.
Shreyas says that he wrote the script keeping Sunny in mind, yet he was highly nervous and didn’t dare to approach him to play the part. “Maybe because we have our own notions about every person and with Sunny paaji, I always thought he has a particular brand attached to his image and I wasn’t sure if he would be okay to be a part of the film. But the moment he listened to the script, he agreed. It’s a huge honour and dream-come true for someone like me,” shares Shreyas.
The actor-director adds that if not Sunny, he would have gone ahead with some newcomer for the lead role. “I didn’t want to take the beaten path of certain actors whose image is considered fit for this kind of a subject. So, I was adamant to convince Sunny paaji to play the part, or else I would have looked for a fresh face.”
Asked if he was more nervous behind the camera than he’s been while facing it, Shreyas says it was actually the other way round. “Honestly, the way shoot started, I thought it would be very stressful for me, but it turned out to be a stress buster. In fact, I was enjoying more behind the camera than being in front of it, and that was probably because I was doing something totally new. It was much more challenging for me but the whole process was so enjoyable that we didn’t even realise when it got over,” adds Shreyas.
Directing Deol brothers must not have been an easy task given the stature they have in the industry. But Shreyas says that it was “all in the head till day one” and both Bobby and Sunny made him extremely comfortable.
Recalling the first day of the shoot, he quips, “While shooting, after every five minutes, I wanted to check on [Sunny] paaji or either I would go or keep sending someone to him. After a while, he said ‘just relax and focus on your work’. They never questioned my vision or tried to interfere, rather only added a lot of value to the whole thing. We kept reading and kept improvising, so that was the best part.”