Shreyas Talpade: I might direct a Marathi film

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Mumbai, Nov. 22 -- Shreyas Talpade began his career as an actor but ventured into direction with Poster Boys this year. 
The actor is open to experimenting with various avenues and says he intends to make content for the digital medium in the future. 
However, he is not yet ready to delve into television although he has acted in shows on the small screen in the past.
"TV is a different ball game altogether and you need a different temperament to do TV shows. Hats off to all those who do it on a regular basis. But I would most certainly direct more feature films," says the Golmaal Again actor.
He adds, "I am developing a couple of scripts. We may start with a Marathi production and if everything falls into place, then I might direct a film next year. Apart from that, there are a couple of acting scripts that I am reading. But I haven't really locked or finalised anything yet."