Shreyas Talpade


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Shreyas Talpade is an Indian actor who appears in Marathi and Hindi films.

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A deaf-and-mute aspiring cricketer, a scheming conman or a goofy guy in an ensemble comedy - actor Shreyas Talpade brings his Agame to every character he plays. 

Actor Shreyas Talpade is planning to make a film on one of his favourite horses. Named Rochester, the horse had won the classic Indian derby, one of the biggest races in the country, defeating some illustrious rivals in February this year.

Shreyas Talpade has not been able to take a breather in the last few years owing to his back-toback acting assignments as well as debut direction. Now, the actor plans to take a break and head to Hong Kong with his wife Deepti.

Actor Shreyas Talpade has impressed audience with his choice of off-beat films, but he never thought that he would, one day, be talking to people in the capacity of a director.
Shreyas Talpade began his career as an actor but ventured into direction with Poster Boys this year.
Every year, apparently five lakh lives are lost waiting for organs in India. This is an alarming statistic indeed, and only goes to show the rather dismal status of organ donation in India.
Actor Shreyas Talpade has donned many hats and as he gears up for his directorial debut, he feels blessed to have come this far.