Shraddha turns into a 'pahadi' girl!

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Mumbai, Feb. 21 -- Shraddha Kapoor has been known to go out of her way to acquire fresh looks for her movies, and that holds true for the actor's look in her new film with Shahid Kapoor. 
A source close to the film's unit says, "In the film, Shraddha is playing a 'pahadi girl', and her look complements her role, complete with woollen caps, sweaters and a nose pin."
Coincidentally, Shraddha had earlier sported a nose pin in her film Haider (2014) as well. Apparently, the actor was very impressed with her styling when she was apprised of her new look for the first time.
"As an actor, she completely surrendered to her stylist and the script's demands. Her character was required to look exactly like a regular young girl from the hills. Shraddha was happy because her look was researched well by the team," says the insider.
It's believed that playing a 'pahadi girl' was always on Shraddha's bucket list, so she is excited about it. In the past, the actor has played a Kashmiri and Goan, two parts that are also close to her heart.