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Shraddha Kapoor: Perception of heroines has changed!

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New Delhi, July 29 -- In her Bollywood career so far, Shraddha Kapoor has seen two consecutive 100 crore films. Though both the movies have been love stories, they weren't so much run-of-the-mill song-and-dance films.

Is she interested in doing those kinds of films as well? "Initially, song-and-dance films used to set a benchmark for female actors in terms of the attention they got (sic). But, that is not the case anymore," says Shraddha about the change in the way heroines are perceived today.

The actor adds that though she hasn't fully explored that genre yet, she has been offered such films as well. "As a child, that's how you visualise yourself in films. I've grown up watching such movies and dancing to songs, and even imagining myself doing them. But I'm finding a space for myself right now through roles and characters written in a way that will stay in people's memory," says the 27-year-old actor.

She says she will do a song-and-dance-film only when she's totally convinced. "Though I've been offered such roles, I need to be convinced before taking them up," says Shraddha.