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Shraddha Kapoor: 'Not seeing Aditya'

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New Delhi, June 23 -- With actor Aditya Roy Kapoor often spotted walking in and out of former co-star Shraddha Kapoor's apartment, buzz about their romance has only ripened.

However, Shraddha writes it off completely, calling it 'just a rumour'.    "There's nothing over there (linkup rumour with Aditya). That is fully a rumour,"" giggles the 26-year old daughter of Bollywood's famous screen villain, Shakti Kapoor.

"People loved our onscreen chemistry in Aashiqui 2, so they keep linking us up ... but no, I am not seeing Aditya," says Shraddha, who's a huge fan of Hollywood actor Johnny Depp. "I wouldn't mind having a rumour that I'm dating Johnny Depp though," she chuckles.    

Back home, however, it's her crush for Bollywood's Greek god Hrithik Roshan that's ruled her childhood. "I was about 13 when I went to see Kaho Naa... Pyaar Hai (2000), with a guy who I had a crush on. I went inside the theatre all starry eyed for that guy I was with, and after that it changed from looking at that guy to looking at Hrithik ... I forgot about him (the guy) completely. I was obsessed with Hrithik ... I made a slam book on him, and my whole room was covered with his posters!"