Shraddha Kapoor looks like a dream at Braj Mahotsav!

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By Tulsi, News Network

Hema Malini organized a cultural event Braj Mahotsav in Mathura, where she invited the best of Bollywood to perform at the event.

And guess who opened the event with her beautiful, special dance act?

It was none other than Shraddha Kapoor, who looked like a doll! She perfomed a fusion dance that paid homage to Lord Krishna, and the whole act was divine indeed, including her dress up!

Her hair and make up was done by Shraddha Naik, and she bloody did it well! The choreography was by Remo D’ Souza, her ABCD 2 mentor.

She posted these beautiful pictures on Instagram, saying: “Guess who was with me in #Mathura! My dance guru king @remodsouza!! Acts beautifully choreographed by him #ShriKrishnaMahotsav.”

Hema Malini was as impressed as we are with Shraddha, and tweeted: “Pretty & talented young Shraddha Kapoor who performed next & won the hearts of the audience.”

Phew! It’s no small deal to be complimented by Hema Malini, the dream girl herself!