I've always found a character for Amitabh: Shoojit Sircar

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After directing Amitabh Bachchan in his unreleased project Shoebite, and then in Piku (2015), Shoojit Sircar is now set to helm a thriller with him.

Speaking about his professional journey with the ‘angry young man’ of Bollywood, Shoojit says, “I’m fortunate enough to have always found an appropriate character for Mr Bachchan. This is also about the trust we share.”

The director points out that though Bachchan is his favourite actor, he has made it a point to work with other actors as well. So, he isn’t worried about being typecast as a film-maker who doesn’t step out of his comfort zone. “I have confidently worked with all kinds of actors, and they have all fit their characters. I never thought Deepika (Padukone) would do a film like Piku. I’m only worried about being typecast with regard to the kinds of films I do,” he says.

Shoojit adds, “When you work with certain actors, you start understanding them, and you become friends with them. So, you want to come up with ideas so that you can work with those actors again. It’s a two-way communication. I get something from them and they get something from me. It’s all about the bonding. I always think about films that I can do with Mr Bachchan, Irrfan (Khan), Deepika, Ayushmann (Khurrana), etc.”

Aside from Shoojit, many other film-makers such as Sujoy Ghosh and Pradeep Sircar have depicted Bengali culture on the silver screen. Ask him if he thinks such representation lacked in Hindi films before, and the director says, “Yes, it’s been that way. In Piku, Kolkata was an inherent part of the story, and we shot it differently. Kolkata is such a beautiful city. You have so many places to explore.”