Shirley Setia: I didn't start singing because of haters and trolls..

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New Delhi, March 29 -- Singer Shirley Setia shot to fame when her covers of Hindi songs became popular on YouTube. Soon after, she made her Bollywood debut with Disco Disco in A Gentleman (2017). 

Although her fan-following has rapidly increased over time (three million followers on Instagram, and almost a million on Twitter), not all are her fans. 

About how she deals with trolls, she says, "I didn't start [singing] because of them (trolls and haters), so I am not going to stop. I love doing what I do." 

Shirley also travels for her live shows. About prepping for it, she shares, "Whenever I am travelling for any show, I can't eat anything. Sometimes, I eat light food like dal and khichdi. I drink a lot of water while travelling, and green tea while at shows. One more thing that will be added to my tech-rider (a one-page document that gives the venue and soundman an understanding of how to set up the stage before you arrive), is hot water. Whenever I perform, there always has to be hot water present on stage!"