Shilpa Shetty turns designer..

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Mumbai, Sept. 26 -- After her recent foray into jewellery designing, Shilpa Shetty is turning her attention to a new clothing line that will showcase saris created by her.

"I love wearing saris. It is the most elegant attire as it makes you look dignified and glamorous at the same time. People have always complimented me on my choice of saris, which many a time, I have just picked off a rack and changed around to suit my taste. So, I decided, why not create my own line, since so many people liked my sensibilities?" says Shilpa. The range, which will be made available online today (September 26), will have prices starting from '4,000. "I believe every woman works on a budget, and designer saris come at a high price. I decided to create a line that looks expensive, dressy, modern, is timeless and above all - is affordable.

That is the philosophy of this collection," says Shilpa. She adds that she "wanted the saris to appeal to the masses".

Ask her if there are more such ventures coming up, and the actor doesn't confirm or deny the prospects. She says, "I have a long way to go. There are many ventures in the pipeline. When I start something, it has to be something my heart is in, and I can excel at. I never do anything for money alone. Profits and losses are part of business, but success is what drives me."