Shilpa Shetty has a die-hard fan!

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Mumbai, Dec. 17 -- From receiving fan mails, flowers and gifts, to being chased down for selfies and autographs, Bollywood celebrities are used to getting attention from their followers. But, every now and then, you also hear of over-obsessive admirers.

Recently, Shilpa Shetty had one such strange encounter with a fan, who landed up outside her Juhu house. A source close to Shilpa tells us, "This fan has been sending her books for a long time. Every time, he leaves a note inside the books expressing his love for her." Initially, the actor didn't react as they were simple gifts from a fan.

But things went out of control a week ago when he created a scene outside her house asking her to marry him. "She was advised to file a police complaint, but she didn't want to get the fan into trouble. So, she let her security handle the matter instead," the source adds.

When contacted, Shilpa confirmed the story, and told us, "Yes, an ardent fan did turn up outside my house, and created quite a scene. However, being a public figure, I understand that these things happen, and didn't want to blow things out of proportion."