People calling Shilpa's husband Raj Kundra a 420?!

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By Neharika, News Network

Shilpa Shetty’s husband and successful businessman, Raj Kundra, owns a shopping channel named ‘Best Deal TV’.

He has 63 percent shares of the channel and is one of the board of directors. Last year in November, when demonetization occurred, the services of Kundra’s shopping channel were suspended for two months. Raj resigned as the CEO of the channel saying, “I would like to officially resign as CEO of Best Deal TV. All good things come to an end, I guess.”

As per Kundra, he resigned from the post after clearing all the dues. However, employees of the channel are furious over him and claim that their salaries still remain to be paid.

An employee told a tabloid, “Production was stopped on November 1, almost a week before the government’s note ban announcement. How can demonetization be the reason? We were paid for half of November but are yet to receive salaries for the remaining month-and-a-half. We’ve made several attempts to reach out to them, but haven’t got a response. Most of us are jobless and barely managing to support our families.”

Although, COO of Best Deal TV, Hari Trivedi, ridiculed the employee’s claim, Raj Kundra tweeted his explanation. He wrote, “” Hi @sonildedhia sad that u need 2make up stories there is not a SINGLE salary I left unpaid b4 stepping down. Sir those are of vendors & Mr Hari himself who has not taken salary! Such stories r great for business pages my friend. Let’s not dramatise.”

A union known as All India Vendors Online Association got furious over Kundra’s tweet and called him a ‘420’.

They tweeted, “@sonildedhia @TheRajKundra vendor payments pending since 12 months. More than 40 cr. blaming DeMo for failed business. @sonildedhia @TheRajKundra further, vendors have not “supplied” to BDTV, BD has sold vendors goods, collected money, and not paid back. @sonildedhia @TheRajKundra not paying back the money, is a breach of trust. Commonly known as 420.”