Shibani Kashyap: Hindi music is dependent on Bollywood..

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Singer Shibani Kashyap is unhappy with the excessive dependence of Hindi music industry on Bollywood and hence, she rues about independent music not getting enough attention. 
“I would declare that there is no music industry; it is only dependent on Bollywood and that is sad. That is not the case in the West.They aren’t dependent on Hollywood for the success for their music,” says Shibani, who recently released her single, Wanna Be Free.
Shibani feels that independent musicians who began earlier have remained in the music scene. 
She says,“The ones who have stuck it out are the ones who started long time back, such as Euphoria or The Indian Ocean. But you don’t hear of any other new crop coming up and staying.”
The singer also strongly feels that musicians are not aware of their rights. “There is lack of awareness among musicians. There is hardly anyone who knows the business. That is not the case in the West,” she says.
Shibani, whose single starring Richa Chadha released last week, is also of the opinion that music often gets lost at the mercy of Bollywood films. 
“To do this song, it has taken us months. It’s not easy to plan and get the right kind of vibe needed to put the song out. And we had to do this right after Padmaavat’s release and Pad Man had already promoted their music. So, we had to sneak into the little available space,” adds Shibani.