Shekhar Suman: Adhyayan saw Kangana's messages to Hrithik

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Actor Shekhar Suman, whose son Adhyayan Suman was in a relationship with actor Kangana Ranaut in 2009, has joined the list of Bollywood celebs backing Hrithik Roshan in his legal battle against Kangana.
In an interview to, Shekhar Suman has said that Kangana’s love for Hrithik was one sided and Adhyayan was devastated when he saw her messages to Hrithik.
In the detailed interview, Shekhar said, “ Hrithik too suffered a lot. He should have spoken out long ago and put an end to this. Else you’re simply giving a handle to someone to mock at you and defame you. And the whole world laughs at you Hehehe... Is that fair just because someone kept quiet for a long time? No, it is not fair. But how do you stop the people? So I think, late alright, Hrithik has spoken and I think it is very clear now.”
Shekhar also said that Adhyayan knew about Kangana’s inclination towards Hrithik.
“Adhyayan even realised that he was being two-timed. He discovered some messages sent by Kangana to Hrithik. Those messages were such that he didn’t like. He was devastated. He came crying to Alka (Adhyayan’s mother) and I. I told him: Boss, maine toh aapko pehle hi bola tha,” he said.
Asked if Adhyayan saw any text from Hrithik, Shekhar said, “ No. It was always a one-sided thing.”
Shekhar also said that the facts are in favour of Hrithik.
“Let’s not bypass one point put forth by Hrithik. He has proved that he was in the country during the time she claims that they got engaged in Paris in 2014. He says that his passport screams that he did not leave the country during that period. Isn’t the proof of the pudding in the eating?,” he said.
Last year, Adhyayan, in an interview to DNA, alleged that Kangana was violent and abusive. “Kangana had this amazing knack of manipulating my emotions and drawing me back. She took me to this tarot reader Sunita Menon who said we were meant to be together and that gave me confidence and strength to work at the relationship, even though I was going through shit. I hadn’t told my parents about this. If my father ever knew that she hit me, I can’t imagine his reaction. I stopped going home, and started living with her. I started drinking and smoking a lot. My relationship with my parents changed. I became defiant. The visit to Sunita happened right after we broke up. Kangana called me to her house and started crying. She said, “I cook for you and wash your clothes and how will I live without you?” That made me very emotional and we got back together,” he said when asked about why he put up with the abuse.