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Polling over, celeb candidates chase their passions to de-stress

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How do actor-candidates de-stress after the grind of campaigning?  They chase their passions.
While it is not really relaxation time for the celebrities on the electoral field, but those who have crossed the all-important polling day are finally squeezing out time to do what is closest to their hearts.
Many of them are busy campaigning for other candidates but they are also finding ways to de-stress themselves before the results are declared.
Post-polling, AAP candidate from Chandigarh Gul Panag is back to her one-hour daily jogging, her secret to her fitness and youthful looks.
"I am back to jogging. I like to jog for an hour a day.  Before voting in my constituency, I had to cut it down to 30 minutes as I was out campaigning from 6 am to 10 pm. I love running because it is the most natural way to keep fit, think, de-stress and get the endorphins flowing which keep me happy," Panag told HT.
She also added that she was too much worried about the results now.
"There is no stress. We did our best. Now the rest is up to the voters and Almighty."
Bhojpuri superstar Manoj Tiwari,   the BJP candidate for the North East Delhi constituency, left for Mumbai after voting and played cricket for three days.
"I love cricket. The game teaches us to take failure and success with the same spirit."
Acknowledging that stress of the results was a natural phenomenon, he said his "harmonium and music comes handy whenever I have to handle stress.  While I am still campaigning a lot for the party and participating in road shows and gatherings but ever since the voting in Delhi got over, I have been able to do my music riyazs more regularly. This is the stress-buster for me."
Tiwari also had a relaxing time in Varanasi where he could spend time with his mother.
Shatrughan Sinha, the BJP candidate from Patna Sahib in Bihar where voting took place on April 17, is now in Florida to attend the IIFA awards in the US, where he has been felicitated with the Lifetime Achievement Award.
Bhojpuri actor Kunal Singh, who is  the Congress candidate from Patna Sahib too was in Mumbai after the voting and completed dubbing of an incomplete film.
"While I am still campaigning, I do take out time to play cricket and watch IPL," he added.
For Nagma, the Congress candidate from Meerut, it is now time to "catch up with my family and friends and even read a book" though she is still busy campaigning for other candidates.