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Elections 2014: Bollywood campaigns for family!

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It isn’t new for politicians to rope in actors to campaign for them before the elections. Friends, well-wishers, neighbours, we’ve seen it all. But what could be more convenient than having celebrities within the family?

Get them to share the stage with you at a political gathering, or climb onto the jeep at a procession, and the crowd instantly multiplies.

The 2014 Lok Sabha elections have already been talked about for having more film-stars-turned-politicians than perhaps ever before. Now, these star candidates are roping in more popular faces — from sons and daughters to sons-in-law.

Former actor Moon Moon Sen, who is contesting on a Trinamool Congress (TMC) ticket from Bankura, West Bengal, has added star power in the form of her two actor-daughters — Riya and Raima Sen. They have both been spotted — hands folded, smiles in place — campaigning alongside Moon Moon, and the West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee.

Raima says, "We wanted to help her (mother Moon Moon) in whatever way we could. I am popular in this region, so that helps.

Riya adds, "We three have our own, respective fan followings, so that helps us reach out to more people."

Actor Luv Sinha is helping campaign for his father Shatrughan Sinha (BJP) in Patna, Bihar. "As a family, we are very attached to the state (Bihar). So, I’m not just doing this because my father is campaigning from here," Luv told us in a recent interview.

Vivek Oberoi, too, pitched in for mother-in-law Nandini Alva, a Janata Dal (Secular) candidate from Bangalore Central, Karnataka.

Vivek Oberoi helped campaign for his mother-in-law Nandini Alva.

Vivek told a Bengaluru channel that he’s campaigning for her "because Nandini ma is a clean candidate, and people want someone like her in this election".

About Vivek, Nandini said, "He is a youth icon, and he will send the right message."

Reportedly, Telugu actor Ram Charan Teja has said he will support both his father Chiranjeevi (Union Minister of Tourism) and rival, uncle Pawan Kalyan, who has launched a new political party, Jana Sena.