Shakti Kapoor: I am not bothered about anything..

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New Delhi, Jan. 3 -- Actor Shakti Kapoor says the family is not paying any heed to reports of his daughter, actor Shraddha Kapoor's affair with filmmaker-actor Farhan Akhtar.

"I am not bothered about anything. There's no pressure on any of us, because we know the truth," he says speaking to HT City.

A week ago, there were reports that Shraddha had moved in with Farhan and Shakti had to drag her out of his house to bring her back home. However calling this untrue, Shakti says, "I was holidaying in Goa when I got to know about this report. She (Shraddha) is sick and can't even step out. She was at home resting when this rumour surfaced. How does one react to it? By ignoring it," he explains.

Actor Padmini Kohlapure, Shraddha's aunt, who too was rumored to have accompanied Shakti to "drag" Shraddha out is unfazed by the rumour. "I have faced similar link-up rumours all my life. Every film Shraddha does, she is lined with her co-star. So I know that there's no truth to this and I haven't even called up Shraddha to talk to her about it," she says.

Shraddha has dismissed the rumours in a recent interview. "Yes, I am living in... with my parents! I have no intention of moving out of my parents' home. I am not even moving out to my own apartment, let alone someone else's."