Shahid Kapoor: Ready for love again!

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Mumbai, Oct. 14 -- After earning commercial success with his last release (R...Rajkumar; 2013), Shahid Kapoor's latest film, Haider, has earned him the critical acclaim he has yearned for. The actor, who has been maintaining a low profile for a while, mostly keeping busy with work, has a reason to celebrate now, and perhaps, focus on his personal life too. Here, he talks about marriage, working with Vishal Bhardwaj, and more.

Your last two films have done well at the box office, and you seem to be in a comfortableHow was the experience of shooting with your father (Pankaj Kapur)?

I was very nervous on the first day. I think I was overacting because I thought no one would notice me (laughs) in the frame otherwise. I kept asking Vikas (Bahl; director), 'Am I doing fine?' He said, 'You relax.' We have some superb funny scenes together.

Do you think your career is at a turning point, thanks to Haider?

As an actor, I feel so. It was a very fearless decision to do the film. And when you take a highrisk decision and it pays off, it gives you the strength to take another that might not be safe. Also, it always feels good because it liberates you as an actor.

How did your family react?

When I showed the film to my family, I got the best response in my career till date. I could feel that they were happy that I did a film like that, and my work in it. They are always appreciative, but you know when they are happy from a professional point of view and when they are truly happy on a personal level.

But the film has also been criticised.

Everyone has the right to their opinion. It's a sign of a mature society. If certain sections don't connect with it, I respect their opinion. That's what being in a democracy is all about. We must learn to respect each other's point of on the work front.

Do you plan to focus on your personal life now?

Professionally, I am in a positive space. And I am focusing entirely on that. As for my personal sphere, I haven't been in a relationship for a long time, and I am comfortable with my family life right now.

Do you feel you are ready for a relationship?

I can never think like that. You have to find someone you like and connect with. Mentally, yes, I feel I am ready; if I like someone and if I want to be in a relationship with that person, then why not?

Do you see your next relationship culminating in marriage?

I've always had long-term relationships. I've never been in relationships that have lasted just a few months. Most of them have gone on for a couple of years. Also, I think you should get into a relationship only if you are looking for it to go somewhere.

But are you ready for marriage?

I don't think anyone is ever ready. I don't know. I guess when I find love and I feel like I want to spend my life with somebody, I will automatically be ready. Before that, no one can say, 'Now, I am ready.' Why enforce deadlines in life? All good things will come in good time.

Director Vishal Bhardwaj seems to get the best performances out of you. Why do you think that happens?

I don't know. Maybe, God sent him to show people that I can do a bit of acting (laughs). Sometimes, you have those equations with certain people... I can't explain it. I know that I am lucky because I am getting great opportunities now.