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Nothing cooking between Richa and Shahid?

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Looks like Shahid Kapoor's list of linkups has been growing longer by the day. However, his recent rumoured link-up with Richa Chadda hasn't gone down too well with the actor.

It seems that the talk about their growing friendship isn't something Shahid appreciates. We were told that he doesn't even know Richa.

A source close to the actor revealed that Shahid has never met her socially, apart from being introduced to her at an awards function recently. He has been going out a lot these days, attending music gigs at various venues around town, but, sources say he's only been hanging out with friends and not a particular person.

"The long and demanding shoot of one of his films has wrapped up and the preparations for his next are just about to begin. So, Shahid is in the mood to go out and party. He hangs out with his group of friends, some of whom are a part of the industry while others that are not," the source adds.

There's no link-up with anyone apparently, especially Richa, and according to the source, the whole notion of this pairing is absurd. Shahid is respectful and cordial with everyone from the industry, even those he doesn't know too well.

"He has never interacted with Richa, so there's no question of any sort of growing proximity with her," the source claims.