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I feel you can't lose the essence of who you are: Shahid Kapoor

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Mumbai, Dec. 10 -- Shahid Kapoor is often perceived as someone with a reserved disposition. But after his recent release, R...Rajkumar, the actor admits that he is trying to change and has started attending parties to become more social.

In this interview, he also reveals that he finds it easier to mix with audiences than with people from the industry.    

Are you aware of the perception people have of you being a reserved person?     Yes, I used to be reserved earlier. So people thought 'hero samjatha hai apne aap ko' (he thinks he is a star). But honestly, I feel it's easier to understand the relationship with your audience. Building a relationship with people from the industry is difficult because different people have different points of view. But I have my equations in the industry now and the number has risen in the last two years.

Are you trying to change yourself?    I realise that it's important to open up with the people from the industry and I have often tried to do that. However, my relationship with my audience has been a little easier to understand.    

Have you started attending more parties?    Yes, I have started going to parties (smiles). But I am not someone who likes partying six times a week. I like to hang out with my friends. I like to party when I am out of the country or at a friend's place, where I have only familiar faces around.     

Will we now see a different Shahid?     I have made an effort to connect with people. But if I try beyond a point, it might look forced.     I feel that you can't lose the essence of who you are. For 10 years, people have seen me in a certain way. Now I can't suddenly become another person.