Choosing the right content is tricky, says Shahid Kapoor

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Mumbai, Sept. 15 -- He has been part of Bollywood for 13 years now. Even as Shahid Kapoor insists he's "happy" in the professional space he is in, he admits that "choosing the right content is tricky".
"People who associate themselves with good content, and have the courage to back quality stuff, are going to be successful," he says.
The actor adds that even if someone has created "bad content", but is willing to "work hard" to turn that into a good product, such people also have the ability to become successful in the industry.
"Whether they are actors, directors or producers, such people will try and create good content over and over again, and gain the confidence of the audience. Your intent has to reflect in your choices. Safe choices are not always safe," he says.
In fact, Shahid admits that he has, in the past, turned down many big-ticket films, as he wasn't convinced about them. "I have said no to big films. Having said that, there are many film-makers, who I would love to work with. I have noticed that I have always performed well when I have worked with a credible film-maker. I would love to work with the right minds, and with the right people," says the Bollywood star.