In the best years of my life: Shahid

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Mumbai, Oct. 29 -- In a film career that's spanned over a decade already, Shahid Kapoor has seen several ups and downs. But the actor says he is content with his life at the moment. As a matter of fact, he calls it the "best" period.

"I am 33 now, and have been working for 11 years. A different phase of my career has started now. I don't think I am a kid anymore. I feel I'm in the best years of my life," says Shahid.

The actor, who made his debut with Ishq Vishk in 2003, feels he isn't impulsive anymore and takes well thought-through decisions.

"They always say that between 30 and 40 are the best years of a man's life. I also feel that I am in the best and the most productive phase of my career. Personally, I have settled down a bit. I am not as impulsive as I used to be," shares Shahid.

With two back-to-back hits - R...Rajkumar (2013) and Haider - Shahid is on cloud nine owing to this successful turn of events. "I am happy about R... Rajkumar. I am also proud of Haider, and I am very happy with the film (Vikas Bahl's next) I am shooting for right now," he says.

The actor admits, that till the time he didn't see people's positive response to Haider, he was nervous about the fate of the film. "Two days before we started having the screenings, we got a great response. Suddenly, we felt lighter by 20 kg," he says, adding, "When you do such a film, there's no calculation. It's a decision from your heart that you want to do this film. So, you don't know how people will respond to it."