SRK's priorities have changed: Ranjit Kapoor

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New Delhi, March 28 -- Veteran writer, theatre director and filmmaker Ranjit Kapoor says that actor Shah Rukh Khan's best performance was in Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa (1994) - a film that was written by Kapoor.

"Shah Rukh acted really well in the film, and I believe it was his best performance till date. People loved the film because it had a refreshing subject and was high on clean entertainment, with no vulgarity," he says.

One wonders if Kapoor and SRK are still in touch with each other. "No, I have no contact with him. I guess his priorities changed over the years and he probably doesn't like to work in small films anymore, as he is a big star now," says Kapoor, whose next directorial is a political satire.

"It is a black comedy in which there is a clash between the ideologies of members of a top-level committee that has to take a decision regarding a warlike situation between India and Pakistan. The message of the film is that if one applies logic and compassion, any problem, be it big or small, can be solved, says the writer who also wrote the screenplay of the classic black comedy, Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron (1983).