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SRK tweets about AbRam going 'gaga googoo'!

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New Delhi, May 5 -- Actor Shah Rukh Khan took to microblogging site Twitter to post about his youngest child, son AbRam, who was born through surrogacy last year in May.

"Heard my kid go Gaga GooGoo & express all ... made me remember a quote. "Life is ephemeral don't waste it looking up big words (sic)," SRK tweeted recently.    

The actor has been putting up a lot of posts about his kids lately. On Friday, the 47-year-old, who recently returned to India after the Dubai leg of IPL, wrote, "Spent the (w)hole day in the company of Craters today. 5 of them. Between Suhana me & AbRam all one can see is dimples on (w)holesale!!! (sic)".    

Just a day before that, SRK wrote, "Taking a break from q and a for 15 mins have to teach daughter pacifist and socialists.... will be back. sorry. going now. have to spend time with daughter. this was good... to start the day. love u all. dont try to control the day... be free for once. (sic)".