SRK book author: We're fond of Delhi since we hail from there..

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New Delhi, Dec. 23 -- As actor Shah Rukh Khan completes his 25 years in the film industry, author Samar Khan is all set to treat his fans.

He has documented the successful journey of the actor in his debut book, SRK - 25 Years of a Life, comprising 25 illustrations of his famous characters.

"While shooting the documentary, Living with a Superstar, SRK said, 'In every character that I do, I leave a part of me behind.' This thought stayed with me," says the journalist-turned-director and author.

Samar approached filmmakers to choose one character they created for SRK and says, "Karan (Johar) chose Khan from My Name is Khan, Yash (Chopra) ji chose Samar from Jab Tak Hai Jaan. Aditya Chopra was the most difficult to convince."

He adds, "I wanted the book to be honest, without any flattery." He talks about the bad patch in his relationship with SRK that led to a delay in the book's release.

"Those were rumours. The illustrations took longer than I had expected, hence the delay. I decided to wait for a year and a half more to release it when SRK would complete his 25 years," he says. The duo shares love for Delhi.

"We're fond of Delhi since we hail from there. We'd discuss winters and the rivalry between the football teams at our schools," he says.

As far as the new generation of directors working with SRK goes, he says, "I've saved them for the second part. Hope my name is added to the list."