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SRK back in the bodybuilding game, flaunts eight-pack abs

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The promotion for director Farah Khan's forthcoming film Happy New Year is gaining momentum, and the man who has given the process a huge impetus is none other than Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan.

He has revealed his look from the film in one of his tweets. The tweet also has a photo which displays his chiseled body.

Shah Rukh has thanked his trainer Prashant for his fitness, alongside Farah Khan, in his tweet.

Salman Khan is known as the person who started the trend of six-pack abs in Bollywood, but Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan took it to the next level. Almost all the newcomers flaunt toned abs these days, but Shah Rukh's achievement at the age of 48 years is praiseworthy. It only proves that he can still give younger actors a run for their money.

The younger crop of actors has the likes of Varun Dhawan, Sidhart Malhotra and Arjun Kapoor, who all possess a worked-out body. Even the actors like Hrithik Roshan, John Abraham and Farhan Akhtar, who are in the range of 40, can boast of six-pack abs.

In such a scenario, it becomes a necessity for a big league hero to have at least six-packs, if not more.

Shah Rukh's body shows his carved-out wing muscles and shoulders. This is certainly one of the finest bodies in the Hindi film industry due to its even muscle density.