Questioning credibility of awards is cynical: Shah Rukh Khan

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Shah Rukh Khan has always been a favourite at awards functions — when he’s not keeping the audience in splits with his hosting skills, he’s busy giving eloquent acceptance speeches.

And though these events are popular with most Bollywood stars, there are some who have voiced their negative feelings about them. A few have even gone on to question their credibility and shunned these glitzy dos.

However, Shah Rukh is happy to not endorse such adverse views.

"Those opinions will remain for years. But I think when you work on something and it is being rewarded, that is the result of your hard work. As long as you are honest in your heart and work hard, you have to accept it (awards) with graciousness, gratefulness and thankfulness," said SRK at a press conference.

The star goes on to support awards shows saying, "Anybody who has a different opinion…they are very welcome to it, but from my point of view it’s a little cynical. If somebody doesn’t believe in it, it’s their belief and I can’t question it, but I think it’s cynical. I’ve received too many awards to look down upon them. I have an immense amount of respect for them and I will always respect them (sic)."

The actor admits that he’s sporting enough to attend the shows even when he’s not winning. "I attend all the award functions, whether I’m getting an award or not. I perform and host them with as much sporting spirit as I have, because I’ve been chosen enough times to be awarded," he added.