India: Revisiting history via popular culture!

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New Delhi, Aug. 20 -- From actors Dev Anand to Shah Rukh Khan and dancer Uday Shankar to musician Ali Akbar Khan - there are brief introductions to almost everyone who has played a part in making the history of India. 
So, if you thought history books are boring, pick up India at 70 - which has 71 chapters chronicling the 70 years of Indian independence. 
"It took me about a year to put it together," says author Roshen Dalal. She struggled to incorporate everything significant. "My plan was to bring out a new history book, which would have a very easy format," says Dalal.
She has already written a comprehensive book on the post-independence period. "But that goes into a lot of detail. So, the idea was to start looking at history differently. Instead of just reading the history of ruling groups or the political leaders, I wanted to bring out the history of the many people who have contributed to the country. And, I think it's time we start changing the way we look at history," she adds.
Her style to highlight the popular changes in Indian history catches attention and illustrations by Sayan Mukherjee add to the charm. "I personally chose the samples and provided them for illustrations because I wanted not just the face but a little more that gave a character to the person."