Did Shah Rukh just offer a job to his fan?!

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By Tulsi, Bollywood.com News Network

Yes, apparently he just did! Here’s what happened…

As you know, SRK has a fanbase that is absolutely nuts and bananas about him. And he has a lot of…shall we say creative… fans who are eager to show their loyalty and talent to the superstar!

Well, one of his fans recreated a video of himself playing the role of a fan with VFX effects and all! And we hear that SRK was so impressed with him that he immediately asked him to work at his production house at the VFX department!

“Come and work with us at the v fx studio man. Well done” SRK tweeted.

The fan was thrilled, and replied: “@iamsrk Best Birthday gift ever! Thank you so much Sir! #MadeMyDay I would love to work under you!.”

Now, will this actually happen or not, we don’t know. But check out the video that impressed Shah Rukh Khan, and tell us what you think!