Saqib Saleem to talk about mental health..

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Mumbai, Aug. 21 -- It is more important than ever these days to address issues such as stress, success and failure, given the increasing number of suicides and reports of mental and physical ailments caused by stress and fear of failure among the youth. 

And actor Saqib Saleem is taking a step in that direction by addressing similar topics at a TEDx event in Chandigarh. According to a source close to the actor, Saqib will talk about his perspective on success and failure at the event.

Saqib says, "It's so disheartening to read stories of children committing suicides. Parents should be more responsible towards their children and speak with them about the issues they face. I believe that children should be given the required space and platform to talk about their problems."

He adds, "It's extremely important to maintain a fine balance when depression is so common. We hear of incidents related to depression from all age groups. Children are always under the pressure to perform and score good marks. They are expected to excel in everything they do, which I think is a big problem."

The actor feels that parents and adults should not pressurise children, and rather they should motivate kids and let them excel in their respective areas of interest. 

"I think the approach towards kids needs to change. I'm looking forward to have an engaging conversation with them by sharing my personal experiences and anecdotes that I have observed or learnt over the years."