Working with Sanjay Dutt would be like magic: Sanjay Gupta

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Ever since Sanjay Dutt has completed his jail sentence, there has been a lot of speculation about his new line-up of films.

Amidst all the rumoured associations, the actor’s purported project with film-maker and old friend Sanjay Gupta keeps popping up. But Gupta, while not denying the possibility of a collaboration in the future, says he isn’t teaming up with Dutt anytime soon.

“Right now, I am only concentrating on my next [that stars Hrithik Roshan]. I will definitely make a film with Sanjay, but at a later date; I haven’t put a deadline on the project. But, whenever I will work with him, it will be sheer magic. It’s a given that we want to work with each other, but let’s not jump the gun and speculate,” says Gupta.

Although the film-maker was one of the few industry members, who met Dutt immediately after his release, he insists that they “don’t always talk shop” when they meet.

“Last Friday (March 11), I met him at our kids’ school function, where our respective children were performing. It was great to see him as a free man, who can see his kids grow up in front of his eyes,” says Gupta, adding that his next film willgo on the floors by the end of March. “I am excited, as I will be working on a film only as a director, after 15 years. Plus, I am very kicked about the music of this movie,” he says.