My life is an open book: Sangeeta

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Mumbai, Sept. 1 -- While former actor Sangeeta Bijlani insists that her "life is an open book", she isn't ready to let other people read her story yet. 
Recently, a publishing house approached her to write a book on her life but Sangeeta decided to decline the offer as she thinks it's too early for a tell-all.
Talking about it, she says, "I have been asked and suggested too, by a lot of friends and people from the industry that I should write a book. They feel my life has a mystery element to it. Recently, a publisher too, asked me to write a book on my life." 
Incidentally, Sangeeta has taken to blogging and her blog, Bijli Strikes is all about singledom, relationships, and more. She took an interest in blogs early this year. In fact, she is now telling her friends how blogs help her talk about issues she wants to address.
The former Miss India, who started her Bollywood career with Tridev (1989), married former Captain of the Indian cricket team, Mohammad Azharuddin in 1996. But they got divorced in 2010. 
"My life has always been an open book, and I have never hidden anything. I haven't spoken much about it and so, the publishers explained that there is a lot of curiosity about my life and a biography would be interesting for the readers", she explains.
Though she has turned down the offer for now, Sangeeta says, "I will surely do it at some point because there is nothing to be afraid of."