There's nothing wrong in asking for work: Sana Khan

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Actor Sana Khan became a household name in 2012 after she participated in one of the most controversial reality shows on Indian television.

She later starred in Salman Khan film Jai Ho (2014) and then followed a long wait before she made a comeback in Wajah Tum Ho in 2016. About her long hiatus, Sana says, “I’m taking my own time but I don’t want to just relax either. Also, when you’re looking for work, everybody approaches you, but I’m trying to target the right project that takes me a level up.”

The actor feels that staying away from limelight and not doing films for a long time is not a risk as long your fans trust you. “ Instead of showing audience average work, it is better that I don’t show them anything. I prefer to take up films where I have a substantial role and screen space, though there’s nothing like a conscious decision of doing one film a year because I haven’t reached that stage yet,” she says.

Sana says there’s nothing wrong in not having work. “Just because I am sitting idle at home or just to answer the questions from press, I won’t take any work that comes my way. If I’m free for three years, I am free, if I have no projects, I don’t have. There’s nothing wrong in going and asking people for work because that’s what we do. We are asking, not begging for money. We, as actors, are selling and presenting ourselves.”

The 29-year-old actor also asserts that it’s important to be around for filmmakers to notice, so they can cast you whenever there’s a suitable role. “I might not be their (filmmakers) option when they think of an actor because my existence has not been that great so far. But I have to keep promoting myself and let people know that I am around and available.”

Soon after her television stint, Sana got several offers from filmmakers, but she says she knew their fate, so she acted wise and didn’t jump into anything. “There were some, which I knew won’t go anywhere, there were also offers which, even before I said yes or no, were shelved for certain reasons. So I decided to wait and even if that meant a year before I take the project, I didn’t mind. It has to be exciting,” she quips.