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Sana Khan (born August 21, 1987) is an Indian actress, model and dancer.

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As a child, actor Sana Khan would make her mother buy her a new purse matching her dress, every year for Eid.

Actor Sana Khan, who starred in Jai Ho and Wajah Tum Ho, says that there’s no point in using PR machinery, because one needs to have some work in the first place to be able to promote oneself.

It's been quite some time since the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke in Hollywood and triggered many Bollywood actors too, to admit that casting couch is existent in the Hindi film industry as well.

For Jai Ho, Khan has signed on two contestants from the reality show he hosts. Here, the television actors, Sana and Santosh, talk about their rapport with the star and making their dream debuts.

Bagging a Salman Khan film is a big deal and Sana Khan is super excited about her debut project, Jai Ho. She claims she's ready to shock people with her part in the Sohail Khan movie.
Actor Sana Khaan, who is in a happy space, both professionally and personally, is excited as she turns 30 today.
Actor Sana Khan, who embarked on her Bollywood journey with films such as Jai Ho (2014) and Wajah Tum Ho (2016), is yet to make a mark in the film industry.
Sana Khan, who will be making a special appearance in the upcoming flick Toilet: Ek Prem Katha says, working with versatile actor Akshay Kumar was a wonderful experience.
Actor Sana Khan became a household name in 2012 after she participated in one of the most controversial reality shows on Indian television.
Sana Khan says she finds it strange when she is asked about bold scenes and wonders why there is so much noise about intimate scenes in Hindi movies.